John Replogle on the left with Acting Director, Phoenix Parks and Recreation, Inger Erickson, and Department Director Natural Resources Division, Ken Vonderscher. The trio along with Sharon McKenna and Dennis Morgan hiked together identifying things that need attention on the trail and at the trailhead. Thanks EVERYONE! AWESOME!!

The Three Amigos


Rocio and Nicky Boy

“This is FUN!” – Nevaeh

Nick & Guapo

The Great Gov. Nick and Scott (aka ‘Guapo’) Celebrating… “It’s going to be a GREAT Day!!”

Girls at Squaw Peak

Sandy, Veronica, Gwen and Neveah

Nick & Nevaeh

The Gov. greets newcomer Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards! Love it Nevaeh!!)

Nick & Vlo

Good Morning Reyna de la montaña!


Yes! We did it!

Dave and Nick

My cousin Dave from Los Angeles stopped in to hike with us and meet the ever gracious Nick!

Veronica, Governor Nick, Kim having a chat at half way point.


Here’s a picture of ALEX, a chuckwalla, who was sun-bathing while on our morning hike May 9th. He was looking for Nick ! – Scott & Vlo

Top of Squaw Peak

This view and a good cup of coffee and you’ve got everything!

City of Phoenix

A Photo of Phoenix Arizona!

There’s the top!

I even heard they give you a free cappuccino when you get to the top.

Climbers sharing a Victory making it to the top!


Quinn decided its “Nap” Time.

Sarah and Quinn

Sarah and Quinn 10 steps away from reaching the top!

Eric, Beth and little Carter on their first hike at Squaw Peak. They are visiting from Indianapolis and love Arizona weather. Let’s Hike!  

Squaw Peak is climbed 2,000 times a week by residents and visitors seeking a great cardio-vascular workout. Great views for a family outing. The average hike from bottom to top is 45 minutes, but time really depends on each hiker’s capabilities.

Governor Nick’s Personal Invitation to YOU!

Hiking Tips:

- Drink water, drink water, drink water.
- Stay on the trail, otherwise you could be meeting some new friends (rattlesnakes).
- Unfortunately Dogs are not allowed on this trail.
- Parking patience is extremely important. Be sure you wait your turn. People can really get pissed when you cut in front of them.
- Hiking courtesy: Hikers going up have the right of way. Be sure to be courteous.